Does the AHK offer grants? The Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) does not have a grants system for students. Moreover, very few grants are available and those which are available are provided by external funds that place an emphasis on excellence. You may only apply for a grant once you are actually studying here and, if awarded, the first installment will not be paid until around six months later. The Master of Film is a full-time course; therefore, we advise students to thoroughly assess their financial situation in advance.
What is the average cost of living in Amsterdam? In regard to the average cost of living, you should budget between 800 - 1,400 euros a month (for rent, food and drink, insurance, transport, etc.). There will also be study-related costs, a one-off contribution towards teaching materials of 300 euros and the annual tuition fees. For the latest news on tuition fees, annual increases and so on, please consult the student information at
Are there any other sources of finance? Academic departments, professional affiliations or research institutes may be willing to finance study abroad. You may find that the staff of your department can direct you to a person in charge of international contacts, in addition to locating funds available from the faculty which the department is part of.
There might also be a Study Abroad Office at your university which can help you with your finances. In some countries private foundations may be willing to fund students who wish to study abroad. Some companies have student awards to sponsor students wishing to study in other countries. Dutch embassies abroad might be able to help you find information. For a list of Dutch embassies, check out There are of course many other grant finder pages, but check out
Can I find financial support from my own country? You may be eligible to receive student financial support from your home country while studying in Holland. The rules and regulations and forms of support may differ per country. Some provide direct support (e.g. monthly grant or loan), others indirect (tax benefits for parents). Check which options are available in your country, either by contacting the international office of your home university or the relevant national ministry. Organizations similar to Nuffic in your home country can also provide further information.

Countries that provide financial support to their students in Holland

Austria and
Belgium (Flanders)
Canada (BC)
Canada (Quebec)