Do you have a passion for film? Would you like to work as a production or lighting assistant or production design assistant? Are you unafraid to work hard? Do you have excellent social skills, and do you enjoy working in a team? Then our orientation year may be what you’re looking for.

  • Production
  • Production design
  • Lighting

Between September and June, you can take an orientation year at the Netherlands Film Academy. You will gain a better understanding of how a film production is created and gain work experience in your chosen direction.

The programme
The orientation year consist of two sections: theory for about four weeks, followed by practical application. The theoretical section starts in September. Once the theory has been covered, the practical section starts and continues until the summer holidays. During that period, you will be assisting on film productions at the Film Academy. The lessons are taught by experienced teachers and guest lecturers.

You will often be occupied full-time during the theory and practice sections. This year involves certain commitments; you are expected to be available to work on productions throughout the entire academic year. After completing this year, you may be so enthusiastic that you sign up for the degree programme of your choice. Please be aware that you will have to go through normal admission procedures for the programme.

When you complete the orientation year, you will receive a Film Academy certificate and will be able to work in assistant positions.

The orientation year costs around € 2050. Since it is an unsubsidised year, you are not eligible for student grants. That means you’ll need to cover your own living expenses. It will only be possible to maintain a part-time job in addition to the course if your job is flexible, since you will be working full-time on the productions – including evenings and weekends.

The official language in the Orientation Year is Dutch. Applicants whose first language is not Dutch should be fluent in written and spoken Dutch.

This years deadlines for application:

  • 13 June 2022