All the specialised classes have good contacts in the professional film world and sector organisations in the Netherlands. Through these contacts it is possible to find an internship that is most suitable for the student in question. 

The internships take place in the third or fourth year of the course. This is usually as a sound, camera or lighting assistant, at production companies or on film sets. Screenwriting students even attend meetings of the advisory committees of the incentive fund for the Netherlands Cultural Broadcasting Productions.

Besides gaining experience, the internship offers students the opportunity to test and increase their professional knowledge. It is also an excellent opportunity to establish personal contacts for finding work after graduation. The duration of the internship varies from a few months to half a year. The initiative for finding an internship rests with the student. The course leader offers assistance and advice. The course leader is sometimes asked to suggest an intern by a producer. Learning targets are set in advance and students must write a report on completion of the internship.

Types of employment after graduation
A recent study among former students showed that 80% find work within three months and 98% within a year. Of these, 70% found a job in television, 20% in the film industry, 5% in commercials and 5% in other professions.

Future employers
Movie and documentary producers, television producers and commercial producers. It should be noted here that a majority works on a freelance basis.