Research Incubator for teachers & guest teachers 2022/2023

As a maker and as a teacher, there are bound to be questions that occasionally make you think 'I'd like to explore that a little further'.... To make that possible, starting this academic year there is the Greenhouse initiative of the Lectoraat of the Film Academy aimed at teachers and guest teachers of the Academy who are looking for time and space to work with those questions.

Our daily practice as filmmakers, artists and teachers is one in which we are constantly researching and gaining (practical) knowledge to understand and renew what happens on set, in the classroom or in our studios. It is thanks to all that knowledge, which comes from our practical experience with film, audiovisual media and education that we as Film Academy teachers can make a unique contribution to what is commonly understood by research.


The Greenhouse programme is a place for questions and ideas that call for research. Questions and ideas that come "from the bottom up," and are not determined "from the top down" by a fixed research agenda. As befits a greenhouse, the Greenhouse program creates opportunities for growth and development. It creates the conditions under which you can get started with your research interests, rooted in the practice of filmmaking and/or teaching. The form or approach is also up to you. It may be artistic research, but it can equally well be technical or technological research, or pedagogical or theoretical research. It may involve experimentation, reflection or design, or a combination thereof. It can be done alone or with others. The Greenhouse initiative is there to support your process with advice, expertise and financial resources.

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More information on how to apply for The Greenhouse:

Deadline for research proposals: October 17th, 2022