Greenhouse research lab for students 2023 / 2024

Starting this fall, for the first time, Greenhouse will open its doors to ten 3rd and 4th year students of all the NFA departments, who will be granted a unique opportunity to use the support of excellent tutors and a research budget to develop filmmaking ideas, they always wanted to try, but never found the opportunity or time to do so. The programme builds on the ideas introduced in “Film in Context”, and offers you more time and support to pursue them if that’s something you feel you want to explore more during your studies.

The programme will consist of several elements:

  • 4 Idea Labs
  • 3 online Case Study sessions with invited artist-researchers
  • Individual consultations with internal and external tutors
  • Individual research budget (500€ pp.)

The Greenhouse is not a product-oriented programme, and will value the process over the outcomes. Participants will be expected to present their research progress and results at the end of the trajectory, but there is no expectation to present finished works. The organizers will also do their best to align the programme with the curriculum of the 3rd and 4th years at the academy.

*Greenhouse is like an honours programme that does not affect your ECTS pool.


  • 4 October        | Information Meeting (17:15-18:15)
  • 3 November    | Application Deadline
  • 6-7 November | Application Assessment
  • 8 November    | Announcement of the Result