Under the influence of technological possibilities, the international film industry is rapidly developing as a truly cross-border creative industry. Both geographically and substantively. You can shoot a film in Asia, which is produced in Europe and is paid for by an American company, while the director on site fetches the high res footage from a previous film and edits it there. 

The Netherlands Film Academy responds to this development, as a school and at the level of education. As an academy, this means establishing connections with relevant foreign film schools at a deeper level than, for example, solely knowledge exchange or excursions. On an education level, this development means that internationalization occupies a logical and organic place within the regular curriculum, throughout the entire learning route.

  • The curriculum is becoming more internationally oriented throughout the four-year bachelor's program.
  • Collaboration with foreign film schools within and outside Europe is being intensified.
  • The Film Academy occupies a visible and responsible position in the international field of film schools (CILECT / GEECT) - both in the field of substantive discussions and in the field of management.

The master's degree program (Master of Film-artistic research) of the Netherlands Film Academy has, by definition, an international structure in which students, mentors and teachers from all over the world work together.

Internationalisation and teaching

Professional collaboration in or with another culture deepens and broadens expertise and insights. This can be a source of inspiration and a stimulus for the functioning of upcoming filmmakers. This could include (mutual) excursions, festival visits and knowledge exchange in the broadest sense of the word. Our films are also regularly screened at international (student) festivals.