During workshops within the curriculum, students can collaborate interdisciplinarily with students from other academies. The VRAcademy explores within the AHK how these techniques and media can lead to new art forms.

VR Theater

In the VR Theater workshop, Immersive Media students from the Netherlands Film Academy and Directing students from the Academy for Theatre and Dance work together to create theatrical VR experiences.

In four weeks, they work full-time to create a concept to a final result in VR. The directors also think about what to do just before and after their audience experiences the VR installation. They make those moments part of the experience by involving actors and/or creating a set that fits what they want the audience to experience. The directors have an extra week without their colleagues at Immersive Media to create that live component of the experience.

The presentation of the final results will be at a location on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam (where the VRAcademy is located).

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Masterclass VR

All students of the Visual Effects specialisation at the Netherlands Film Academy can register for a VR masterclass in the third year. The masterclass is then tailored to the learning needs of those students.

Students are given a week-long intensive master class, in which they learn how to use their own hopes, fears, struggles and feelings as inspiration for a concept of a VR experience. They also learn tools to draw inspiration from outside. They then worked out their concept in VR using Gravity Sketch and presented it to their teachers and each other.

These masterclasses are extended to give students a broad perspective on the field of Immersive Media.