Everyone with an initial research idea is invited to submit an application. You can do so by means of this questionnaire. It asks mainly about motivation, connection to your own making or teaching practice, and the importance the research could have for you and/or your field. The questions in the form are in English, but can be answered in Dutch. Deadline for submission is October 17. There is eventually room for 5 projects.


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Who can apply?

Any teacher or guest teacher at the Film Academy can apply to participate in the Greenhouse Incubator. If two (or more) lecturers want to submit a project jointly, that is of course possible - and interesting - but reimbursement of time and costs can only take place per project.

How will the application be evaluated?

Because the Greenhouse program is intended for research and knowledge development from the practice of filmmaking and/or teaching, proposals are not evaluated based on criteria that apply to academic research. Instead, in addition to the research potential of the proposal, the main focus is on the connection between your idea/research question and your professional/artistic/pedagogical experience. This does not mean that your idea should not deviate from your previous practice, but in this case it is crucial that you argue how your previous experience determines your new direction.
Because Film Academy research and work sessions benefit from a variety of perspectives and expertise from participants, final selection will be made to ensure that the group is as mixed as possible.

Who judges?

Applications will be reviewed by a committee from within (director, lecturer, research coordinator), supplemented by an external professional.


Stop by or send an email to Mieke Bernink (lecturer;; room 3.25) or Stanislaw Liguzinski (research coordinator;

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October 17th
    DEADLINE for proposal submission

October 20th
    Evaluation of submitted proposals

October 24th
    Announcement of selected proposals