The Greenhouse programme takes two forms: an incubator function and a lecture series.

The Ideas Incubator

The Ideas Incubator is the core of the Greenhouse initiative and is intended to stimulate professional growth and drive innovation in the field of film and film education. There is room for 5 participants who will be offered the opportunity to develop their initial research ideas into concrete and executable research plans.

We hereby invite interested teachers and guest teachers to submit an initial research idea for a chance to be part of the Greenhouse programme's Incubator.

The Incubator has two phases, one before and one after the Christmas break, with the first phase being preparation and the second phase being implementation or further development.


More information on how to apply for The Greenhouse:

Deadline for research proposals: October 17th, 2022

The lecture series

In addition to, and in support of the Incubator, four lectures will take place from November to December 2022. These are open to everyone at the Film Academy (students included!) as well as those interested beyond, and offer examples of practice-driven research by filmmakers and visual artists. These makers show how their research stems not so much from theoretical speculation but from their practice and their appetite as makers for experimentation.

The two fases of the Incubator:

Preparation Phase (November - December 2022)

In this phase we offer the group of participants four joint working sessions in which you will work on your own questions or interests. Each of the sessions focuses on a different aspect of practice-based research, from the question of "why," through that of "what" and "how" to the question of "for whom" you are doing your research. The sessions take place every two weeks, on Fridays, with an accompanying lecture the night before. Challenged and supported by the facilitators of the sessions - all maker-teachers with extensive research experience - and feedback from the other participants, you will explore your question and, at the end of this phase, arrive at a sharpened proposal that you can implement in the next phase.

All selected participants will be reimbursed for participation in these mandatory sessions, lectures and any preparation for them (for a total of 6 days).

Implementation phase (January 2023 - ...)

In this second phase, all participants receive a limited budget - approximately €4,000 per project - that can be used to implement or further develop the proposed plan. You determine in your research proposal when and for what purpose you want to use the available resources. If you have a smaller project, it may be possible to carry it out in its entirety; for larger projects, the seed money can be used to conduct a pilot and/or raise other funds. During this phase, the group will meet again at regular intervals to report back to each other and get feedback.

Details of the programme

The language of programme is English. Written contributions can be in Dutch.

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