Greetings from Kropsdam

Lammert wouldn’t hurt a fly. He lives with his fancy pigeons and his best friend Frieda in the small Groningen village of Kropsdam. His tranquil life is disrupted when he is suspected of making a deal with the energy company GreenNow. Lammert is oblivious to this. Yet he notices that the village starts treating him differently. Because everyone is happy in Kropsdam, unless you’re out of luck.



Length (min.)



screenwriter Britt Snel
director Joren Molter
producer Jesper Olyve
creative producer Miel van Welzen
line producer Eva van Dorland, Emeline Bakker
cinematography Tijn Sikken
gaffer Lukas de Kort
production design Geertje Mirjam Smit
art direction Kim Lieftink
production sound mixer, sound design Daimo da Costa
re-recording mixer Fabian Ort
editor Moo Flamman
visual effects supervisor Tom Selbeck
visual effects producer Tim Groot
visual effects artist Eline Strijdonk, Jeffrey van den Heuvel, Becanti Wijnbergh, Sjoerd de Greef, Roel Meijering, Yana Petkova
composer Hans Nieuwenhuijsen



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