Rebellious teenager Vince is desperate to find his own identity. He wants to be seen by his father Arthur, but how do you earn the respect of a man that’s the tough president of motorcycle club Fear No Pain? Slumbering aggression and the inability to communicate drive them further and further apart.

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Length (min.)



Screenwriter Rosita Wolkers
Director Ruben Nijsen
Producers Julie Janssen, Jolijn van Rinsum, Lotte Schmidt
Cinematography Kevin Vidal
Gaffer Victor Horstink
Production design Anna Dekker
Art direction Lisa Berkhuysen
Sound design Suzan van Eck
Production sound mixer Kristian Knoop
Re-recording mixer Jordy Ebben
Editor Casper van Zeelt
Postproduction supervisor Julie Janssen
Visual effects supervisor Thijme Grol
Composer Xin Huang

With Julien Oostenbrink, Poal Cairo, Juliette van Leeuwen, Arnost Kraus, Hayo de Kruijf, Giorgio Sanches, Eva Bartels, Elmar Düren, Marcus den Turck, Robbert Rodenburg

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