The Long Road Home

This film was made in collaboration with Human.

Jennifer has never been able to speak to her father about important things from the past. Because of this, a real father-daughter bond never developed. In The Long Road Home Jennifer speaks with her father and her relatives who have been silent for so long.

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Length (min.)



Director Jennifer Gijrath
Producers Charlene Vos, Jolijn van Rinsum
Cinematography Niels Lelieveld
Sound design Jordy Ebben
Production sound mixer Roel Wildenburg
Re-recording editor Kristian Knoop
Editor Jovanni Nino Koolen
Postproduction supervisor Charlene Vos
Visual effects supervisor Thijme Grol
Composer César Lüttger

With Jennifer Gijrath, Marcel Gijrath, Lenie Raadschelders, Steve Gijrath, Jan Raadschelders, Susan Raadschelders, Gonnie Gijrath, Kelly Beckers-Gijrath, Louis Beckers

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