Our Very Own Defects

Two young parents, a middle-aged loser and a former upper class lady; They do not seem to lead corresponding lives, but what they secretly have in common will keep haunting them until they only have themselves to account for.

This film was made in coproduction with VP



Length (min.)



Screenwriter Kim Kokosky Deforchaux
Director Jos van Meerveld
Producers Bryan van Baardewijk, Maaike Gronheid, Kaylee Hovemann
Cinematography Sigi van 't Schip
Gaffer Simon Meesters
Production design Kristien Lammers, Thijs van der Heijden
Art direction Clara Bragdon
Costume designer Liz Kooij
Sound recordist Olmo van Straalen
Sound design Anne Wolters
Sound mixer Karlijn Hendriksen
Editor Annika Albert
Visual effects supervisors Tommy Jansen, Aron Fels
Visual effects Johnny Roek, Jonas Vonk
Composer Maryna Boiko

Petra Laseur, Wieger Windhorst, Anneke Sluiters, Wouter Zweers, Elsje Scherjon, Casper Gimbrère, Marcel Roelfsema, Bob Schwarze, Arie Kant



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