My research plan was to shoot a series of short films to analyze and reflect upon my own working process. In order to execute this research I developed a series of short monologues in cooperation with different writers. I chose the monodrama as a unifying dramatic form because it’s an event in which we talk despite ourselves. The emotions become so strong that we have to open up our inner lives, deliberately or unintentionally. The starting point for the content was to investigate the human condition and more in particular its moral hang-over. The scriptwriters and I enjoyed total freedom while developing the content.

This resulted in a series of very diverse monologues, which I had to translate into film. This approach generated plenty of formal challenges. I had to choose a particular form and content for each monologue. Each time I had to examine the best possible way to communicate my subtext of the story. At the end I reflected on the differences between my original concept of the meaning and its final outcome. More or less all the monologues that emerged contained various forms of longing as the core of the story. Perhaps longing is a way to deal with the human condition. In these short monologues we encounter a stewardess in denial, a codfish looking for contact, an astronaut in love, a philosopher trying to make sense and an ex-boyfriend begging for attention.




English title The Hangover Monologues

Monologue #1 to #5:
Janneke van Heesch
Camera Diderik Evers, John Treffer
Sound Willem Stinissen
Sound and Mixing Hein Verhoeven
Photography Thomas Manneke
Editing Orly Nurany
Bho Roosterman
Script Hafid Bouazza, Desirée Duwel, Danyael Sugawara, Sanne Vanderbruggen
Script and Drama Linde van den Heuvel, Frank Meester
Drama Steven van Watermeulen, Hajo Bruins

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