Joep Kuijper

Joep Kuijper

Master of Film

Joep Kuijper (Netherlands, 1987) Concept developer and process designer. Graduate of Communication & Multimedia design at Avans University for Applied Sciences. Co-founder of, an online public space where readers can initiate a dialogue about the stories they love; and a crew member at ‘new shoes today’, where he collaborates with social entrepreneurs in the design of processes for creativity, innovation and change.

Previous education
Communication & Media Design, Avans (Breda, the Netherlands)

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- Students make book


Face-to-Face - director, research and development

Artist's statement
I grow ideas, together with others. The ideas often come from my curiosity for technology and the way it shapes our lives.
For me an idea is a combination. It’s where human and machine, thought and skill, content and medium, high- and low-tech, meet.
I invite people with different skills to participate in growing the ideas. I have an open attitude. I also ask a lot of questions.
It makes me happy when new meaning emerges from these combinations. It really feels like a gift.
I want to communicate through simple language. So next to my openness, I practice clarity. To bring the idea closer to its essence.
The idea often acquires form in moving images and interactive media.

Overige projecten

- *openmargin (platform for communities within the digital book, ongoing)
- 'This is Me' (2012)
- '
Omne Vivum ex Vivo' (experimental film, co-created with four makers, 2009)
- 'Unknown' (game about the irreversibility of knowledge, 2008)

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