Quinten I, II & III

experimental fiction

Quinten I: A boy with a memory as a karaoke movie machine
Quinten Wall is an exceptional psychological case. He suffers from aphasia, and he has a memory problem. Or problem, it is a great opportunity: his memory is loaded with all the movies he ever saw, he is a walking movie database. He is using his aphasia to fight his ambitious talkative brother. During a stay in Venice they will fulfil the last wish of their mother, but instead of showing brotherly love, their last encounter will end with a fatal incident.

Quinten II: Unlinked
After Quinten has overcome his aphasia, a new complicated situation arises. His traumas were interwoven with his obsessions, his idiosyn crasies, and all other features that made  him who he is. He looses grip on his identity and his relation with his girlfriend Syvlie and the rest of the world. He is suffering from anxiety and sees great danger in the almighty Apple empire which also seems to be after him. The question is to what extent his fear is grounded, but also, how long Sylvie can endure it.

Quinten III: The last movie 
Sylvie has moved back to Thailand, her motherland, to find herself a home, but Quinten follows her. In an attempt to reconnect, and to preserve their love he persuades her into making a film together.




Director Bram Loogman, Paul Groot
Writer Bram Loogman, Paul Groot
Producer & Camera Bram Loogman

Editor Bram Loogman, Paul Groot, Jelena Rosic˘ (III), Vladimir Simic˘(III)

Joaquin Wall
Namfon Udomlertlak
Vladimir Simic˘ (III)
Dontree Siribunjongsak (III)

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