Gwendolyn Nieuwenhuize

Gwendolyn Nieuwenhuize

Master of Film

Gwen.n is a former dancer, graduated from SNDO Amsterdam. She specialized in dance/ performance art, combining it with video, location work and installations. The work was shown at (inter) national dance festivals and museums, like Dancas Na Cidade and Museum Boymans van Beuningen. She trained dancers of the Royal Ballet of Flanders and worked for Jan Fabre. Gwen.n has always been working with photography and during the Master’s programme shifted her working field completely to cinema. She developed herself as a filmmaker because film is the ultimate medium with which she can show her internal world and can precisely stage her perceived reality; to light and capture the world and transform her dreamscapes and surrealistic realities into work where the viewer can relate to.  Her main theme still is alienation, now also in relation to her research into the process of translating her autobiography into fiction.

Previous education
Conservatory, Tilburg
School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam

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Master students Maria Ångerman, Luiza Faga, Gwen.n., Anca Oproiu, Jack Faber, Agnese Cornelio and Balint Mark Turi made the short film Revisit together with Artist in Residence Eyal Sivan.

How inspiration works: The Late Quartet by Gwen.n.



Parallel worlds parallel time. A woman locked up in her apartment, or is it her head, framed by her alter ego running through the woods. Entering her world you are left with the question whether the apartment is real or if it is in the past or perhaps a dream? Is the running through the forest the only thing that is really happening, or is that her fear?

"In this film I show parts of my inner world in relation to events of my past. My memories have been transformed, stylised and given a new body, a new space in a new time. I am still here, the comments in my brain are unaffected, they are given new life through the protagonist in my film.

My fascination to make this film is to shape my inner worlds and its thoughts and bring them into tangible reality through film."

Overige projecten

Performances at different museums, art galleries and festivals, as well as in the underground scene and squats.

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