The dead walk side by side with the living - 2

It’s possibly the last encounter of two lovers. Siblings. The complexity of their relationship is depicted through closing in on detail after detail, creating a larger picture of worn tables, dragon skin, closed doors and breathing sharks. The outlined mental landscape tells more than the words uttered between the two lovers. Their voices become merely sounds, human sounds that blend in with the atmospheric sounds. In a similar way the animal limbs seem to blend in with the human bodies. “The dead walk side by side with the living – Chapter two” is a short film about memory in relation to place and desire. What is desire? What is memory? If you hold on to the memory, can you let go of the desire?



Lengte (min.)



director/writer/producer Maria Ångerman
camera Siska, Maria Ångerman
editor Lars Späth, Maria Ångerman
sound Marc Lizier
co-production company NuFrame
starring Anne Thieme, Thomas Gerber

genre experimental fiction
language German
countries of production Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia

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