The Hornhunter

The short film ‘The Hornhunter’ is about a guy called Noël that is longing for a girlfriend. Online, Noël finds a group of men who put ship horns on trucks. They call themselves the Human Birds; sending out artificial mating calls. Far out, in desolated areas, they blow the horns to create echoes that reach their targets. Noël realizes that he also needs such a horn on his car. By email he gets in contact with the master in the art of horn blowing who goes by the name of The Hornhunter.



Lengte (min.)



writer/director Noël Loozen

line producer Roelien Hendriks

director of photography Tim Kerbosch

sound Jaap Sijben

editor Erik Verhulst

grading Joppo In De Grot

sound design Michaël Sauvage, Steven Vanwetswinkel, Thijs van der Vliet

composer Milan Mes

music Frank Haffort – The Mockingbird

co-production company 100% Halal Productions

starring Noël Loozen, Indian Pete, Christopher Stéphane, Robert, Ashley van der Laak, Stefanie Hulleman, Aileen Hulleman, Michelle Sterling, Alicia van Bussel, Roel Hemmer
language Dutch with English subtitles

country of production the Netherlands

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