Jack Faber

Jack Faber

Master of Film

Starting his career as a writer and visual artist, Jack Faber (Israel, 1978) worked as a culture and film critic, published two novels and exhibited in group and solo exhibitions, before becoming a full time film maker. While writing and directing his own projects, mostly shorts and documentaries, he’s also an experienced editor and passionate cinematographer. Currently he is working on his first fiction feature film A A, developed during his studies at the Master’s programme.

Previous education
BFA (cum laude) Film and Television Art (Sapir academic college, Israel)

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- Research: Sub/Version(s) - Jack Faber
- Jack Faber received a Torino Film Lab World Production Award, as well as the TFL Audience Award for his feature film project 'AA
- Jack Faber is selected to participate in the Berlinale Talents Script Station with his feature film script 'AA'
- Master students Maria Ångerman, Luiza Faga, Gwen.n., Anca Oproiu, Jack Faber, Agnese Cornelio and Balint Mark Turi made the short film Revisit together with Artist in Residence Eyal Sivan.

Sub/Versions(s) – cinematic research
A A(fiction project proposal) - writer
Serial - writer, director
Drone drive by - director, editor

Artist's statement: Sub/Versions(s)
Exploring the definition of film making, my work questions whether we can even perceive power without participating in its appropriation.

I constantly investigate the possibilities of reverse-engineering the cinematic commodity into something different, something new. Working with scripted materials and salvaged footage, CCTV material, archival hacking or drone recordings - to name a few concrete examples from recent projects - I aim to create cinematic experiences which are emancipated from industry ideologies of market hierarchy and high budget dependency.

Film making has not only the right, but also the task to engage itself with the most secret of our thoughts, our deepest hidden emotions. That's not its privilege, but rather its function: to enable us to negotiate and find explicit ways to project and manifest them. Any false authority will have its own methods to appropriate, censor and (ab)use it, wishing to harvest the latent potential that lays under our story-telling. My cinematic practice questions those methods - showing the field of filmmaking as an area of constant conflict between the industry and its dissents, and exposing the industry’s inherent deflection mechanisms hiding its covert ideologies. The drama that takes place on the screen is deeply connected to the drama taking place behind it in the manufacturing technologies of moving images and the political practices of their distribution. Revealing this artificial segregation between the processed product and the productive process is very much the core of my work.

Being a filmmaker first, I wish to create stories for the screen which not only examine these urgent issues theoretically, but also enable strong emotional engagement. To experience, within the film, the conditions of its making and by that to allow open negotiation between the work and its viewers, who then take up the position of participants.

Overige projecten

- 'Drone Drive By' (2013, documentary)
Go Short 2015
Nederlands Film Festival 2014

participant in De Correspondent
- 'A Film About Feedback' (2012, documentary)
commissioned by DasArts
- 'Serpentine' (2011, fiction)
- 'Watchmen' (2008, documentary)
censored since 2005 by the Israeli court until winning an international legal precedent
- 'Hiding My True Motives '(2007, experimental)
- 'Seeing Art' (2006, documentary)
- 'Substation' (2004, experimental)
Jerusalem International Film Festival
2003-Author, 'Alcohol in the afternoon', Novel, SA
1999-Author, 'Slow Dived', Novel, CS

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