Exercise in idealism (with practical assignments)

proposal for a feature length documentary

Squatted in 1983, The Snakehouse is about to be evicted. A filmmaker and resident of the house wonders what to do at the moment of eviction. When the eviction turns out completely differently than expected she investigates what went wrong.

A film about the last weeks before eviction of a historical squat in Amsterdam. We follow the residents in their struggle to save the building. How do the principles, which are developed by the squat movement, like ‘do it yourself’, ‘autonomy’ and ‘small organisation’ resonate in 2015?

In the film, events from the squat movement in the 80’s are juxtaposed with the events concerning the eviction of the Snakebuilding in 2015. In the friction between these two different times, a story develops about the search for meaning in a time where everything seems to be coloured by a capitalist paradigm.




Country of production
The Netherlands

Ellenoor Bakker

Rogier Tolen

Ewoud Bron, Bianca van Riemswijk, Josje van Erkel, Ellenoor Bakker

Piet Oomes

Lucas van Eck, Gerben Kockmeijer

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