Junction of the Eyes - on the performativity of looking and image-making

Junction of the Eyes is an artistic research journey by interdisciplinary artist Annelieke Holland. Through an experiment-driven approach, the research operates at the intersection of performance, film and expanded cinema.

Junction of the Eyes explores performative modes of image making: To do, to undergo, to look. Acts of recording, framing, observing, the act of posing, staging, receiving one's look and the act of spectating are all explored as gestures that contribute equally to the meaning of images. Through this process, what gets revealed is not necessarily the image itself, but the relation that emerges between the one producing and receiving the image.

Movement practices, family archives and photographs from a past relationship all become material through which to investigate acts of looking and recording. By doing so Annelieke revisits memories, intimate relations and cultural sites for spectatorship - all through the lens of giving and receiving gazes.

From Junction of the Eyest wo distinct yet unified practices emerge: Performing the Spectator and Performing the Archive.



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