The language of memories - Interpreting traces of intergenerational migration

by Bruno Hernandez

Research & project

Bruno Hernandez’ research provides knowledge through audiovisual pieces of different dimensions, which function as dialogues between the living and the dead using cinema as a medium and as a space for these encounters. From a single present time, a family trans-generational interaction is facilitated and shared with the audience.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the escape of a Jewish family from Odessa fleeing the pogroms is narrated by Clara, one of the women protagonists, in a story that she leaves as a legacy sixty-six years later. This inheritance rests stored for decades in the house of Bruno's grandparents (author of this film) and becomes the basis for a speculative dialogue between various family members. A transgenerational dialogue that inhabits the mystery and plays with the speculation of an impossible encounter between different eras and migrations within the same family.

The ways of envisioning presences and the facilitation through cinema of a transgenerational dialogue led this film to a documentary, experimental and observational ground.

Bruno Hernandez

Bruno Hernandez

Master of Film

Bruno Hernandez, Argentina, 1979. Director, Screenwriter, and Producer. Based in Amsterdam.

As a researcher at the Netherlands Film Academy, he confronts the barriers of his knowledge and explores the limits and possibilities that cinema can offer to open a dialogue between memories, by navigating the familiar cosmology of the past, present and future. Bruno´s immigration and movement is the excuse for the connection with ancestors who migrated under absolutely opposite conditions. The body as a camera, the film as a stage for reflection, the gaze as a form of living.

He directed five TV Series including Netflix's first Argentinian original series EDHA and the first Rede Globo’s Spanish speaking original series SUPERMAX, a co-Production between Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. His first long feature film, 8 SHOTS was sold to Sony International, released in theaters in 2016, and was nominated for Best Opera Prima by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of Argentina. The film won the Amsterdam Film festival and was invited to the official selection in: New York Colombian Film Festival, Durango Film Festival, Hermosillo Film Festival and many others. He has directed eight feature films in USA and he has two projects in development: "El Tratante”, feature film (selected for the “18 Course for the Development of Ibero-American Film Projects” Fundación Carolina, Ibermedia 2020) and “Odessa” (Documentary Feature Film ). 

His upcoming projects are: Eight feature films (commissioned work in USA)

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