‘EVERYBODY IS OUT OF PLACE HERE’ by Jesper Buursink and Sergo Klepach

woensdag 07 juni 2017, 19:30 - 21:30 uur

Film Academy cinema

What happens if you put 10 artists, curators and filmmakers on a self-built raft of 7 square meters for 14 days and send them down the rivers Stryi and Dniester in the West of Ukraine? You make a film, a very strange film. 

The concept started with the Ukrainian art-collective Open Group (nominated for the Future Art Generation Prize of the Venice Art Biennale 2017) and they collaborated with two Dutch artists: radio-maker and artist Jesper Buursink (BNNVARA, VPRO) and performance artist Arthur van Beek (Eddie the Eagle Museum). Two Ukrainian cameramen joined on the raft: Sergo Klepach and Valery Kumanovsky, three curators: Irina Leifer, Maria Lanko and Lizaveta German, and even a survival expert. And then there were the locals…

This resulted in the artistic, surrealistic cross fiction/documentary film Everybody isoutofplacehere. A film that explores the boundaries of documentary-filmmaking, in which the artists become victims of their own research, the locals are important performers and in between all of this walks a cowboy in pink pants. Everybody is out of place on these rivers and in this film!

A first short version of the film was part of an art-installation during the Kiev Art Biennial in 2015. But now Jesper Buursink and Sergo Klepach finalised the complete 25 minutes’ film. In this lecture, the film will be premiered for the first time in the Netherlands. Followed by a talk and discussion about making a film without a script, not knowing what to do, things that are spinning out of control and the only thing you can trust is your instinct.

About Jesper Buursink
Jesper Buursink is a Dutch radio-maker/artist who made different international radio-documentaries for Dutch National Radio (NPO), pop-up mobile radio-stations (MOB x Vinger.nl and Buurtcamping) and artistic (film) projects with art-collectives like Pink Pony Express and Kafana. In 2010 he participated in the Documentary-workshop of the IDFA. 


About Sergo Klepach
Sergo Klepach is an Ukrainian editor/filmmaker.  His filmography consists of the feature filmS Haytarma, Another’s Prayer and the upcoming movie Cyborgs about the defenders of Donetsk airport during Russian-Ukrainian war.  And the short films Alcoholic, First step, Fallen leaves, Tenderness and short documentaries about Revolution of dignity Babylon 13.  Currently Klepach is working on the documentary Women in War as an editor and the feature film Ekil Shareb Nayem shot in Beirut and a few short stories about Beirut and a short documentary Refuge as a DOP. 

Go to Sergo's Vimeo to see more.