Towards graduation: three interviews

Three Master Film students talk about their graduation projects. They will be presenting their work at the Master Film Graduation Show 2014 in June.

Agnese Cornelio (Italy, 1978)

Free to work: how to use performative elements in cinematic storytelling
"In theatre, everything you perceive is part of the performance, real-time determining the creation of illusions. In film, the process of identification starts earlier. As a spectator, I always perceived the 'window on the world' offered in a cinema experience as more real then what I could achieve in theatre. I became more and more interested in film and I started wondering how I could invert the perspective: use theatre in filmmaking instead of using film in a theatrical performance." read more

Noël Loozen (the Netherlands, 1983)

The Hornhunter
"I was trained and educated as a photographer and I have the ambition to explore the realm of film. As a photographer, I was used to finding things out while creating images at the same time. Most often, I did so by myself or in direct collaboration with people in front of the lens. In my films before my arrival to the master's program, I used the same approach: create a concept and throw myself in a situation with a camera in order to find out what happened. I found out that I'd like to get more out of filmmaking. And that film radically questions my way of working." read more

Anca Oproiu (Romania, 1990)

Meet the Neighbors
"Somebody raised a question: how would you describe the colour blue to a blind person? It was this question that stuck to me. I didn't want to use clichés like 'an apple is red' or 'the sky is blue'. Instead, I articulated that our favourite colour says a lot about our character. This marked a new start of my research. I drafted colour-character sheets with questions about first memories, biggest fears and greatest accomplishments, et cetera. On the basis of this information, I started to build seven characters." read more

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